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April 21, 2004 by kwo
April 20, 2004 by kwo
Its a sad state of affairs that MSN messenger is down and i feel disconnected from society.
I spend so much time at my computer this year it's amazing and appalling all at once.
That I spend more time talking through a messenger window on the computer than actually seeing the person and talking face to face or even on the phone? I saw Char today after not seeing her for a while but I was on the way to my history exam so I said I would have to call her tonight. Then instead of calling her, sh...
April 17, 2004 by kwo
so im thinking about it, and my stydu habbits are horrible. i haven't even started to study for women studies, and its on tuesay. i'm going to the caf, and im going to stay there for the whole day studying.

i don't know what it is. i keep waking up later and later. i used to wake up at about 10 on weekdays, and once classes ended i started waking at 11:30, and today i woke up at liek 12:15. it's really bad. serisouly, it concerns me. tomorrow im going to wake up at 10. deal.

i li...
April 15, 2004 by kwo

so tampons are bad for you, cause they're bleached and so contain toxins. also some contain fibre that can cut our insides. no good. so theres this product called the keeper that is like a cup that you insert and it hold all the blood. and then you take it out and wash it once you're done. its expensive, but can last for like 10 year, and its not harmful at all. im going to buy one. you should too. jackie and kristen didn't believe...
April 13, 2004 by kwo
so i keep doing things to procrastinate.
like checking the blog to see if you've written anything.
but you haven't.
so i keep seeing the same old entry that i wrote a while ago.
and every time it hits me with a wave of disappointment.
April 11, 2004 by kwo
who studies?
i've at least been making attempts which is good. i don't have an exam until hte 20th but once they start i have one practically every day.
totally woulda assumed vic would take care of the house issue.
you should be so proud of me- yesterday i was shopping at fairview and i am now the owner of like 4 skirts! and way too many tank-tops & halters. i was cuba shopping.
i need a bathing suit still tho and i'm not looking forward to finding one...

*save any urges you have for sho...
April 10, 2004 by kwo
so tonight is the stills concert. i feel kind of sick and totally unmotivated to do anything, so im not too excited to go. but i know it will be a good one. the unicorns concert was pretty fun, met up with some people i knew, and got to stand right by the stage. kind of got drunk too, so even if the show was bad, i would still think it was fun.

we've been house hunting and it fucking blows. we're having no luck. me and jackie are the ones who are doing all the work, which is surprising ...
April 10, 2004 by kwo
who cares if you acted dumb, you were drunk!
i know how you feel about being embarassed though... whenever i'm with my team partying i get so excited to be going out (since i'm always doing work otherwise) that I always get totally smashed--- like consistently i am the drunkest one out of like 16 of us... and then i do ridiculously stupid things... like talking in french- to my COACH who is fluent in french. and the obnoxious factor. i felt so bad tingee told me that i was ranting at her that s...
April 9, 2004 by kwo
so last night we went out for kristen's birthday, and we just went to the on campus bar. we all get totallyy drunk off our asses, go to the bar, and like nobodys there, seriously i would say 30 tops. apparently i made a huge fool of myself. this letter is going nowhere really, and i can't really concentrate cause the liquor is still in my system. i just wanted to vent because jackie and kristen were making fun of me, and it embaraases me. fuck me, i need to stop drinking so much. i know i ...
April 7, 2004 by kwo
ive never felt such extreme feelings of non-motivation before.. i woke up at 8 today intent to do work but i haven't got a whole lot done. i've just been sittign around...

a couple of times i meant to write something of meaning in here too... perhaps to generate some replies (?!) but then i didn't feel motivated to do that either...

i went to see dogville yesterday and it was so good. you really have to work as a viewer to "get" it but in the end it is worthwhile. check it out for sure. ...
April 4, 2004 by kwo
so i went to the computer lab and sat by him, but nothing happened, instead i did threee pages of an assignment. whatev.

montreal was fun.

me and jackie bought a skateboard today and are gonna practise tonight in the tunnels. we're losers i know.

i really have nothing to say. im addicted to snood. i play so much that it hurts my eyes.

without class and meetings i feel like im wasting my life.

April 1, 2004 by kwo
so when of my cute guys are definetly sitting in the computer lounge in my residence. im going to to do work next to him. oh im a geek. i write more once i come back up!
April 1, 2004 by kwo
oh wow, constantines and pretty girls make graves concert was AMAZING last night. at the end of the encore Bry Webb said, "Our stage is your stage." and then invited everyone on stage and passed out tambourines and stuff.... One fan got to take over the drums and another guy got to sing w/ Bry. I was up in the balconey area but it was so incredible to watch.

i just made a mix CD for Sherry who asked me to make her one, with the only guidelines being that she likes everything. It was so vague...
March 29, 2004 by kwo
i emailed her and told her yes. im not going to be one of those people who look back and regret not going somewhere just cause i don't know the people very well. i was been totally lame. montreal is going to rock.
March 29, 2004 by kwo
ok so my friend claire invited me to go to montreal with her, her roomate and roomates boyfriend. we would be renting a car, which would only cost each of us 25$. Then would go, shop, go to a party, crash at the party, and leave the next day. what do you think? should i go? i want to go but worried about going with them. i don't know claire that well, let alone the other two. umm, not me know soon, cause i will be seeing her tonight at 9, and need to give her an answer.